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Winter activities, such as skiing and snowboarding have increased in popularity. The Snow Safety & Education presentation is intended to foster awareness of the risks associated with these activities for children, to make sure they have the safest, and most enjoyable experience possible while outdoors.

The Snow Safety & Education Program can be delivered by any interested adult—including parents, teachers, and guide or scout leaders—using the Presenting Snow Safety & Education guide. Alternatively, when available, trained AdventureSmart presenters are able to present the program to groups. Visit our Request a Presentation page to submit your request.

Snow Safety & Education is available free of charge, and presentations can be adapted to fit with the age of the audience and to the amount of time allocated to the presentation, as long as the key messaging of AdventureSmart: Trip Planning, Training, and Taking the Essentials (commonly referred to as the 3 T’s) is covered.

Trip Planning

Before you hit the slopes, think about trip planning! Trip planning will be different depending on if you are skiing or snowboarding, and whether you are on a school trip, or a vacation with family or friends, but it is just as important! Trip planning means planning your route, knowing the terrain and conditions, checking the weather, and leaving a written trip plan with a teacher, family member, or friend.

A good rule of thumb for trip plans is that they answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how about the trip.


Being prepared by getting the proper training is key to having an enjoyable time while skiing or boarding. Learning the Alpine Responsibility, and taking an activity-specific course such as a ski or snowboard lesson, are useful training opportunities.

Taking the Esentials

When skiing or boarding, essential equipment is needed. Most hills require youth to wear a helmet, and you will want warm clothing such as gloves, socks, and a hat to stay warm.

Snow Safety Video: “A Little Respect—think first”

View the video “A Little Respect—think first” to learn about the Alpine Responsibility Code, as well as general tips for safe skiing and snowboarding.

Click to watch the video

Download the video (253 MB).

SSEP session

Contact us to request the Snow Safety & Education program at your school or community group.

Would you like to present the Snow Safety & Education program material to a group yourself? Vist the Presenting Snow Safety & Education program page to find out how.

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